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As a specialist in permanent magnets, EUROMAG has the expertise to provide you with high quality products that meet your requirements and high technical performance. Cultivating openness and eclecticism, Euromag’s sustainability is based on a very diversified portfolio. We offer magnets and magnetic solutions for various sectors and applications.

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The industrial market is a large user of magnets and covers many different disciplines and applications in which magnets are used for their mechanical properties (motion, coupling, braking) or electrical (motors, relays, contactors, electric meters).
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Euromag has a large range of holding and clamping magnetic systems with high perfomring magnetic forces
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The modern day vehicle is a large user of magnets and magnetic systems with its sensors, motors and entertainment systems (more than hundred different magnets in a high-end car).
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Most warehouses with metal rackings use magnetic labelling. Flexible magnetic tape and labels can be used for all kinds of labelling, signalization, information on metal surfaces, magnets of different colours on white boards.
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Euromag provides magnetic solutions to a large variety of applications in this demanding field where quality and reliability criterias are heavily required. This industry is in permanent movement. Euromag is closely working with Universities and Research Institutes and takes an active part in their development studies.
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Over the years Euromag has developed a wide range of magnetic devices for building and concrete industry, especially for metallic formworks and precast concrete.
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