Industrial market

The industrial market is a large user of magnets and covers many different disciplines and applications in which magnets are used for their mechanical properties (motion, coupling, braking) or electrical (motors, relays, contactors, electric meters).

Euromag works closely with its customers providing magnetic solutions to improve or solve their various challenging problems (such as speeding up production, costs reduction, complex research applications). Euromag, thanks to its experience and know-how in magnetism over the years, can help in advising the most appropriate magnetic material to be used in an hostile environment (such as under high temperature, aggressive  liquids, underwater…) or offering the most optimum design for a better performance.


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Detection, measurement

Level (sensors and gauges), positioning (switch limit rings for pneumatic jacks or hydraulic cylinders, sensors for rolling shutters, lifts, alarm systems, speedometers, timers for appliances), galvanometers, tachometer generators.

Leisure, fashion

Cosmetics, clothes, toys, magnetic braking systems for toboggans.


Relays, contactors, breakers, switches, motors, actuators


Coated magnets for use in hostile environment, magnets for wind and hydroelectric turbines, removal of unwanted ferrous particles in pipelines, inspection tools for tracking magnetic flux leakages, magnetic couplings and electrical production.


Door catches, holding devices, tool-holders.


Sensors, actuators, triggers, high frequency communication systems, radars, sonars, marine and submarine pulling and propelling, servomotor pilots.


Sorting out and removal of ferrous particles, holding systems for conveyor belts, magnetic systems for limestone neutralization.
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