Euromag unveils its new graphic identity…

After several months of work, we are proud to present our new graphic identity, accompanied by a new website!

A new visual identity

20 years already! The opportunity for us to modernise our image in order to give a new impulse to the values that we wish to continue to share with you.

Without forgetting the past and using our experience as a supoprt, between age-old know-how and innovation, this new branding is an opportunity for us to reassert the ideas that drive us on a daily basis.

We wish to highlight our flexibility, our sense of service and our desire for dialogue through this graphic renewal so that they remain the fundamental foundations of our relationship with our customers.

150 years of history have shaped our expertise in magnetism and permanent magnets. Although the natural erosion of time has rounded and lengthened the typography of the corporate identity, our passion remains no less strong and solidly anchored in the present, as indicated by the bipolar structure of the logotype.

We continue to assert our desire to be a quality industrial player in the magnet industry through our foundry, whose melting metal will continue to illuminate our new logo with an orange colour for a long time to come.

Attentive to the needs of our customers, we wish to continue to create a real feeling of proximity and to help them at any stages of their project. The purplish-blue of our typography thus symbolises in this way an innovative and personalised approach to the solutions we offer.

Finally, we reaffirm our desire to be a reference player in a highly globalised permanent magnet market that is open to the world, as suggested by the central element of the logo, which evokes roundness and envelopment.

A completely redesigned website

This new visual identity is already being applied to all our communication tools, and first and foremost to our new website. Keeping in mind our values and our know-how, we have designed a new interface to our image. A refined design, figures recalling the central element of our logo and dynamic colours dress our new web pages.

The new site offers a more fluid and pleasant navigation for Internet users. The ergonomics have been completely rethought so that you can access information easily and quickly. The information is now divided into two menus. A “company/institutional” section and a main menu in which you will find technical information, information about our know-how and our products.


Business expertise, personalisation and proximity are the key words of our new universe.

And as a good news never comes alone, we invite you to meet us at the end of the year for an exclusive new feature…

The Euromag team.