Neodymium Iron Boron magnets


Neodymium Iron Boron range


  • Magnetic force is optimal when the magnet is in contact with a mild steel frame, flat, clean and rather thick. It is lower with allied steels and cast iron (less 30% for cast iron).
  • It is lower in presence of an air gap (space between the part to magnetize and the polar face of the magnet).
  • It is decreasing by 0.22% every degree C by propitious circuits (see besides curve).

Induction On surface

  • The maximum value of induction in surface at 20°C is about 5000 Gauss for Neodymium Ferbore flat pot magnets.
  • This value is decreasing by 0,22% every degree C when temperature is increasing


  • These ceramics are very fragile.
  • They must be handled carefully.
  • To avoid magnets attraction during handling we advise to put them on a mild steel plate.
  • Do not shock or squeeze.


  • Maximal working temperature is about 80°C, because of Hcj sensitivity to temperature (0.66% every degree C).
  • The induction losses are reversible so far we stay in the limit of working temperature of the material. It is 80°C in open circuit with standard grade. There are several NdFeB grades up to 180°C.
Material Sheet Neodymium Iron Boron
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